digital culture: articles assigned on my syllabus

Putting the finishing touches on my Fall 2017 syllabus. I teach an overview of twentieth century comparative literature, with brief forays into art history and media theory. The overarching theme of the course is the impact of technology and notions of modernity on the arts.

Our third and final unit specifically focuses on digital culture. Here are the readings, in order, with links attached if the content is free and available online:


Week 1: Jorge Luis Borges, “Tlön Uqbar Orbis Tertius” (short story) (1940) / watching: The Matrix (1999)

Week 2: Nathan Jurgenson, “View From Nowhere” (op-ed) (2014) link”

Kate Crawford, Kate Miltner and Mary L Gray: “Critiquing Big Data: Ethics, Politics, Epistemology” (article) (2014)

Week 3: Donna Haraway, “A Manifesto For Cyborgs” (excerpt from book) (1984)

Alyssa Battistoni “Monstrous, Duplicated, Potent: On Donna Haraway” (op-ed) (2017)

Week 4: Jorge Luis Borges, “Funes The Memorious” (short story) (1942) / watching Black Mirror, “The Entire History Of You” (2011)

Week 5: Rob Horning, “Social Media Is Not Self Expression” (op-ed) (2014)

and final lecture on Internet concept art.

And here’s what I would assign if I had more time:

Gabriella Coleman, Coding Freedom (book):

Richard Stallman, “On Hacking” (personal thoughts):

Paul Ford, “What Is Code?” (editorial):

Gilles Deleuze, Postscript On Societies of Control (scholarly article):

Shoshanna Zuboff, “Secrets of Surveillance Capitalism” (op-ed):







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