writing warnings

[1] Fact: writing is made of words, not ideas.

[2] “Nothing is like an idea so much as an idea” — Bishop Berkeley

[3] Fact: writingideas, and content all refer to different entities.

[4] “I myself prefer an Argentine fantasy. God did not create a Book of Nature of the old sorts Europeans imagined. He wrote a Borgesian library, each book of which is as brief as possible, yet each book of which is inconsistent with every other. For each book, there is some humanly accessible bit of Nature [‘the natural’] such that that book, and no other, makes possible the comprehension, prediction and influencing of what’s going on” — Ian Hacking on Borges and Berkeley

[5] Writing done right self-contextualizes and self-legitimates.

[6] The writing I like cuts through the hell of sameness that is the digital space (and capitalism! Capital writ large).

[7] Magic is stronger when it remains in the occult, and writers have to be careful as they pick from their spellbook. Like the joke about jazz, it’s what you don’t hear that counts.

/*this post is from oct. 2017, stuck at the top of my blog for occult reasons*/