Hi, I’m Emma, welcome to my website.

I’m an instructor and PhD student at Virginia Tech. My dissertation examines methodologies in 21st c. psychedelic research as a means to critique the epistemic presuppositions of a data-based worldview (i.e., the “Big Data weltanschauung“). I also write fiction, poetry and music. A lot of the passion I pour into those pursuits is laid bare here.

Though, really, there’s no consistent logic to what I post about. 2018 has seen a lot of experimental creative writing and music YouTube. I think later this year I’ll write more about my daily life.

A web-based version of my curriculum vitae is at this page, and this next one gives you a downloadable PDF.


Behind this link is a page where I’ve indexed a lot of recent writings, some published.
My academia.edu homepage has other content, including teaching materials.
Music: http://stamm.bandcamp.com
Twitter: @turing_tests
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New for 2018, this site has a blogroll! Yes, like it’s 2003. Check it
And you can contact me via email: stamm@vt.edu.

Thanks for visiting!

— Emma Stamm