Today is my birthday. It’s also my brother’s birthday (we’re twins) and my cat’s. She is 2.

I am 29. I thought a little about getting older today. All I have to say is that I’m happier at age 29 than I was at 19, but probably not happier than when I was 9. When I turn 30 perhaps I’ll have richer thoughts re: aging to share.

In more important news, last week I scheduled a defense for the proposal of my doctoral dissertation. The working title is “Psychedelic Science and the Epistemic Regime of Data.” It’s a blend of philosophy, political theory, cultural studies and STS-inflected interventions into how computation structures knowledge, using contemporary research on psychedelic drugs as a case study.  Such interdisciplinarity is encouraged by my PhD program (link here).

I would like to say more about these ideas, but it’s wise to keep my lips sealed until I’ve at least formally proven their worthwhileness in front of my advisory committee. That’ll happen (or not) the morning of May 1st. Then I’ll go celebrate International Workers’ Day.

If all goes according to plan, I will defend the actual PhD around May 2020.

I made up a list of sources I’m drawing from. This is not the entirety of my citations/inspirations (far from it), but it does represent a great deal (years) of research. A lot of the articles are freely available online. If you’re interested you should look them up — they’re all great, believe me, I have had almost 3 decades to refine my taste in weird stuff.