Today is my birthday. It’s also my brother’s birthday (we’re twins) and my cat’s. She’s 2.

I am 29. I thought a little about getting older today. All I have to say is that I’m happier at age 29 than I was at 19, but probably not happier than when I was 9. When I turn 30 perhaps I’ll have richer thoughts re: aging to share.

In more important news, last week I scheduled a defense for the proposal of my doctoral dissertation. The working title is “Psychedelic Science and the Epistemic Regime of Data.”

I would like to say more about it. I will soon.

The defense will happen (or not) the morning of May 1st. Then I’ll go celebrate International Workers’ Day, or something.

If all goes according to plan, I will defend the actual PhD around May 2020.

I made up a list of sources I’m drawing from. This is not the entirety of my citations/inspirations, but it does represent a great deal — years— of research…. an exponent of 3 decades of commitment to strangeness.