Call for Participants: 2018 Women/NB Digital Media Show at The Moss Arts Center


If you’re here, it’s probably because you saw the call for artists to participate in a show at the Moss Arts Center this April. Here’s some important information:

On April 13th, 2018, there’s going to be a special event at the Moss Arts Center. We will be hosting a show for female/nonbinary artists who work with digital and electronic media. Currently, we’re looking to recruit VT community members to participate.

WHAT THIS IS … A panel and one-night exhibit to highlight women/non-gender-binary conforming electronic artists. There will be an opportunity for artists to show their work, discuss different projects and talk more broadly about their vision and academic/career path, to be followed by a Q&A session and small reception. The event will run for two hours (5:30-7:30PM) in the Miles C. Horton Gallery (the gallery on the upper floor of the Moss Arts Center, on the Turner Street side).

WHAT COUNTS AS “DIGITAL AND ELECTRONIC MEDIA”? Any art that uses digital or electronic tools as a primary component. It doesn’t have to be visual! Here are some examples: web / software development, sound / music production, UX/UI, robotics, video games, artistic uses of code, digitally manipulated photography, and technological fashion design¬† (ie, wearables). And the list could go on and on.

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE? … Female/nonbinary VT students at any level. Freshmen to PhD candidates are all welcome. Although this is primarily for and by students, we’d also like to get some faculty & staff involved, especially if you’re involved in teaching or mentoring students in this capacity. If you’d like to be involved this way, please make note of this when you reach out.

WHO CAN ATTEND? … Anybody and everybody! This will be open to the general public, and we’ll be spreading the word around the VT campus. We also may connect with local high schools to send a special invitation to their students.

WHAT ABOUT TECHNICAL SUPPORT? … We are working to make sure there’s technical support to display all types of digital art. As we recruit artists, we will connect with them individually to determine their needs in this regard.


WHAT HAPPENS AFTER? … We’re hoping to extend this initiative to build a support network for women digital artists at Virginia Tech, connecting students and faculty members across various majors and departments to share resources, professional opportunities, and more.

¬†HOW DO I GET INVOLVED/WHAT IS THE DEADLINE? … Email Emma Stamm at The call will be closed at the end of March.

Include the following information:

Your name (the name you go by; it doesn’t have to be your “wallet name”)

Affiliation with VT. If you are a student, list your year and major; for faculty/staff, tell me about your work here.

A description of your artwork and what you’d like to share. Samples/links welcomed, but certainly not required.

— Contact information

If you have any questions, concerns or ideas you’d like to share, don’t hesitate to include that, too!

**Please circulate this widely to students and community members in your classes, groups, and creative networks.**
Thank you…