Mark Fisher’s K-Punk, “Required reading for a generation”— aesthetics, politics, outsider status.

Ariana Reines, Poet, astrologer and tarot consultant, unambiguous witch and lazy eye haver. I like her series at Artforum, SUNRISE

Strukturiss, “Meditations on Hardwares, Softwares, and Wetwares. Updates Sundays and Wednesdays.”

Masha Tupitsyn Film critic, critical theorist, fiction writer, New School instructor, European Graduate School person, self-declared hopeless romantic.

Technoccult, “A General Interest Blog For Weirdos.”

Peli Grietzer on Medium. Autoencoding, aesthetics, vibe theories, machine learning, Modernist literature.

Glass Bead only publishes good stuff!

Marginal Utility Reminds us how nightmarish social media is whenever we forget.

This website and organization about psychedelics isn’t even remotely a blog and still I include them here.

★more to come★