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story time

New publication and I’m so happy it’s fiction!!! A tale of unrequited eros, drowning, stargazer lilies, body doubles, video games in Nairobi, whiskey, mania and machine learning. “Dimensionality Curses”. This was published by Oasis Journal, a project of Holum Press, in a beautiful little volume:   They may do an online version, which would be great… […]


These days I keep thinking that the goal of psychiatry shouldn’t be to know the mind, but to nurture it. About how important that distinction is. Despite the seeming connection to my research, I don’t use the work of N. Katherine Hayles, most because I think there’s immanent humanism in her “posthuman.”This is the same […]

Sights and sounds a little mystical, Sensoria, tactile apparatuses for the brain. If the verses for the second aren’t proof of a psychedelic protocol in literature — see the second paragraph  — I don’t know what is. “Only a palace with interior doors / well painted well gargoyled with multiple floors / two windows let free […]

more jazz listening than usual these days

I took this video about seven years ago on a very very cold night. There were so many people in the audience I couldn’t maintain a decent shot for ten minutes. A little easier on the ears/brain.

Mrzyk & Moriceau made a music video and it looks really good.

everyone alive wants answers

A young-Philip-Seymour-Hoffman-looking guy in a dark t-shirt. A few inches north of his solar plexus a beam of light is refracted into rainbow through the slender quadrilateral of the Ethereum logo — the dark side of the cryptocurrency. He’s leaning over a café counter, shoulders drawn toward his heart, and he takes my order in […]

I want to tell people why they should read Peli Grietzer, but instead of doing that, I’m going to post this image from Kathy Acker’s Blood and Guts In High School     which was used to accompany this article. Theories of vibe, Blood and Guts, read and then get off the internet..

absence makes the heart

“Naming the ‘things that are absent’ is breaking the spell of the things that are; moreover, it is the ingression of a different order of things into the established one — ‘le commencement d’un monde.’ For the expression of this other order, which is transcendence within the one world, the poetic language depends on the […]