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GEDI Post III: The Buddhist And The Hot Dog Vendor

[course assignment] One of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands has this lyric as a refrain: “Change is the thing that is what we do, change is the change that’s changing you…” It’s surreal, not really logical, but that’s why I like it — it emphasizes the disorienting quality of change. Theorizing the causes […]

GEDI Post II: Infrastructures, Mental and Digital

  [this is a course assignment] In A New Culture of Learning: Cultivating the Imagination for A World of Constant Change, Douglas Thomas and John Seely Brown write: “the relentless pace of change that is responsible for our disequilibrium is also our greatest hope.” They move on from there to embrace fundamentally the same mindset […]

GEDI Post I: Skepticism

[course assignment] I don’t want to begin my GEDI blogging journey on a negative note, but I couldn’t help but be critical of this week’s readings. In general, they smacked of techno-utopianism — hype that disguises as much truth about the networked world as it reveals. Here I have to disclose some bias — my PhD research is […]