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story time

New publication and I’m so happy it’s fiction!!! A tale of unrequited eros, drowning, stargazer lilies, body doubles, video games in Nairobi, whiskey, mania and machine learning. “Dimensionality Curses”. This was published by Oasis Journal, a project of Holum Press, in a beautiful little volume:   They may do an online version, which would be great… […]

Sights and sounds a little mystical, Sensoria, tactile apparatuses for the brain. If the verses for the second aren’t proof of a psychedelic protocol in literature — see the second paragraph  — I don’t know what is. “Only a palace with interior doors / well painted well gargoyled with multiple floors / two windows let free […]

you are a light

Not halfway through the week. A minute, an hour, no more, a day, a moonrising-setting, half a minute I’m sitting alone at this bar and an uncomplicated sage interjects to split my order. Across the room his face was cubed through the bubbles in my wine. He wants a friend with soapy skin and a […]

one soft taboo

Magic, and grownups inclined to take pleasure in its ambiguous status, its relationship to artifice and sympathy, rather than feeling burdened by the whole thing. Wondering how long you can practice magic before it becomes an anvil between your ribs. Like how many minutes a chill can creep around your spine before it presages nerve […]