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new publication

Retooling “The Human:” A Review of Ashley’s Shew’s Animal Constructions and Technological Knowledge. Link here: I was a bit out of my comfort zone reviewing this book, since it leans toward analytic philosophy and positive knowledge. But I’m glad I did — going too far down the continental hole doesn’t help us talk about the […]

Popol Vuh — Ja, Deine Liebe Ist Süßer Als Wein

That last thing was really dark. Fwiw, for all its creative liberties, it is nonfiction and it was not easy to write. Falls into the category of art you make not because you want to, but because you have to. Not as an apology — but for parity, something light. Music.

affect overload

A piece about “affect overload” as the psychic counterpart to information overload. Finally! Yes, I came across it among other quotidian debris … I mean it’s on my Twitter feed … after something about the latest big hack, the “meltdown scare.” I began my research career studying this stuff. Now I hope there’s someone […]

you’re living all over me

For a long time I thought the term “nuclear family” had something to do with nuclear energy, a phrase of Atomic Age vintage, and Wikipedia says I’m not alone in this misunderstanding. The metaphor of molecular nuclei to describe family units has got to be a stretch for a lot of us. Nothing I’ve ever […]

thursday reading

link: can AI be taught to explain itself? — There was a young man who said though it seems that I know that I know what I would like to see is the I that knows me when I know that I know that I know…