Writings from between 2014 and 2018. Not an exhaustive list, just what I’m okay with sharing.

If you are my student at Virginia Tech, please note that I hold you to the same or higher standards as I do myself 😉

Fiction and Poetry

Bar (Excerpt)


Remember Me


Command Pieces



From A Story About The Boring Apocalypse (Excerpt)


Immortal Techniques

Crimson Ghost

 Book Review: Animal Constructions and Technical Knowledge

We Are All Anonymous

Blockchain Revolution

Quantum Identities

404 Error Big Confusion

Building A Cultural Dialogue Around The Permanent Web

R00tz Asylum Is Teaching Kids To Become Hackers — And That’s A Good Thing

Interview With Software Artist Ben Grosser

Opaque, Fragile and Performative Selfhoods

A lot of the recent content for this blockchain startup is mine

Plus a whole lot for Asheville Lifestyle Magazine