Selected writings from between 2014 and 2018 🙂


Ordinary Doses (Real Life Mag)

Immortal Techniques (The New Inquiry)

Obfuscating Biopolitics (2600, The Hacker Quarterly)

Crimson Ghost (The New Inquiry)

 Book Review: Animal Constructions and Technical Knowledge (The Journal of Social Epistemology)

We Are All Anonymous (SPECTRA Journal)

Blockchain Revolution (Coindesk)

404 Error Big Confusion (Cyborgology)

Building A Cultural Dialogue Around The Permanent Web (Model View Culture)

R00tz Asylum Is Teaching Kids To Become Hackers — And That’s A Good Thing (The Toolbox)

Interview With Software Artist Ben Grosser

Opaque, Fragile and Performative Selfhoods

A bunch of the recent content for this blockchain startup is mine

Plus a whole lot for Asheville Lifestyle Magazine

Fiction and Poetry

Dimensionality Curses (Oasis Journal, vol. 3)

Remember Me (Inpatient Press)

Orlean (Chronogram Magazine)

Note (Chronogram Magazine)


Command Pieces


Excerpt From a Story About A Bar

Excerpt From A Story About The Boring Apocalypse